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1. Grant Basics

It all starts here! No matter what your grant knowledge level is right now, this lesson will give you the background and foundation to move forward into the how-to lessons with confidence and solid know-how.

4. How to Create a Winning Proposal

Now that you’ve located the grant funding you want, how do you get it? At the heart of your funding success is an effective grant proposal. In this lesson, you’re going to learn what it takes to write a winning proposal!

2. How to Get Started

Lesson 2 is all about starting to take action. Jumping in and getting started is not only exciting, but it also gives you a glimpse of all the possibilities that are ahead for you.

5. Success Tools To Keep Getting Funded

This lesson is a special compilation of insider tips and tricks that will rocket you to success and show you how to make sure the funding floodgates stay open.

3. Advanced Funding Search Tips

You know the money is out there, but how do you find it? In this lesson, you’ll master the techniques for zeroing in on the funding you need, even finding what are called “hidden grants”!


After you’ve mastered these 5 lessons, you will have a special opportunity to be invited to participate in Gold or Platinum advanced training that includes personalized one-on-one advice from the top Grant Funding Expert himself!

Here’s what you’ll get in your Silver Edition
Quick Start Grant Funding Course

With each lesson, you get a manual, an audio lesson, and a video lesson delivered directly to your inbox every 3 days. Collect them all and build your complete library of:


5 Online Manuals

Beautifully written and fully illustrated for the best learning experience on how to get maximum grant funding from the best government sources.


5 Audio Lessons

Listen and learn, whether you’re relaxing or on the go. The audio lesson supplements your eBook lesson.


5 Online Videos

Watch and learn as the top expert in the field of Grant Funding explains the most important points and throws in plenty of special insider tips.

image4The Best & Quickest Grant Funding Training You Can Get At Any Price

In your Silver Edition Quick Start Grant Funding Course, you will get the information you need to know to quickly start accessing government and private funding for your dreams and goals.

Follow these simple steps and strategies, and you will master the know-how and skills to successfully apply for and receive your first free grant, and then keep the money coming in!



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It’s simple as 1-2-3

1. These lessons are brought to you by the top professional Grant Funding Expert, Chris Johnson. Chris has been responsible for his students securing several millions in total funding. This track record and over a decade of teaching success mean that you can be sure that you will see fast, excellent results.

2. Here’s your simple, ironclad guarantee. You have 10 days to check out these lessons. If you do not agree that they will help you master the basics of Grant Funding, just tell us you want out. No hassle, no risk, no tricks— and that’s a promise.

3. People just like you have followed these steps and have succeeded in securing the funding they needed to pursue their goals and fulfill their dreams. You can do it!


Don’t shortchange your kids because you think you can’t afford skyrocketing tuition costs. Scholarships, free tuition, education grants, and more are waiting for you, once you know what to do.


Ever dream of starting your own business? There are grants, subsidies and low-cost loans available right now for startup costs, equipment, advertising, hiring employees, and more, for entrepreneurs!


Do you wish for your own dream home or for income from investment properties? Grants, subsidies, and low-cost loans can help you buy, renovate, upgrade, invest, and much more, but you need to know where to find the money!

Success Stories

Read how people just like you secured big money…

  • JoeCI attended your “Free Money” seminar and purchased your package. Surprisingly, it didn’t take me long to find one that I was eligible for. Since I recently purchased a new home, I found I was a prime candidate for the GST New Housing Rebate Program which paid me a whopping $3,074.09. Thank you Chris, without your help I would never have even known this program existed!!!!

    Joe C.
  • lavana f

    I found a grant that provided residential properties free toilets and free installation by the city of Austin.

    In less than 2 weeks my application had been approved for 305 new toilets for a total of $48,800.00, plus the complex has saved thousands of dollars per year in water bills. The application was effortless and financially very rewarding. With my never-ending gratitude, thank you Chris!

    Lavana F.
  • bibiCThank You! Thank you! Thank you! I have just received $1,500.00 rebate from the City of Toronto for the “basement flooding prevention system” program.

    I have applied for a few more programs and expect more funds to roll in soon. I appreciate free money university and you.

    Bibi C.
  • MarkDWell being the first time builder of a house from scratch and being new at this whole thing when I read that there was GST credits that were able to be had for building or significantly renovating a house I made a few calls and was close to being past the expiry date … phew, once I submitted all the paper work they processed my request and I’ve received $5,182.24 so far. Thanks, Chris.

    Marc D.
  • Kowalchuk1Hi Chris, I just wanted to show my gratitude to you and thank you for the opportunity you have given to me. Through your grant research material, I was able to secure $100,000 to start my new company. Thank you for helping with me not only with links to specific programs, but also with other aspects like my business plan.

    Darwin K.
  • SrabaniDI am very happy to inform you that I have been able to secure business funding for £15,000 from Barclays Business Bank. I would also like to say that this was possible only after your training because I had failed earlier to obtain funding on my own. Thank you!

    Dr. Srabani D.
  • RochelleDThank you so much for the information that you provide in your Free Money Series. Using the information that you provided in the Education Section, I was able to get ALL of my mother’s outstanding student loans forgiven! She was awarded a total of $24,773.76 in loan forgiveness. The process was not complicated or long.

    Rochelle D.
  • lorrimChris presented so much information… I found just the thing I needed; I applied and was thrilled to be quickly approved for $23,000 of home rehabilitation. Without having the education and Chris’s knowledge, I would not have known!

    Thank you Chris!

    Lori M.
  • GregBI received my first funded grant $3,000, after ten long years of trying to find the time to research and write for the much-needed grants. Chris Johnson’s information helped me begin to locate granters whose funding objectives matched our program offerings. I am so thankful, grateful, and appreciative for each person and resource that was provided to me in accomplishing this work and receiving the award of our first grant!

    Greg B.
  • HarveyDChris, I simply followed your instructions to search government programs and I found the HOME BUYERS’ PLAN, using tips you taught me to prepare documents, I got CAD$13,281.41 from my RRSP account, used it as my down payment to buy my first house in Canada. Free money is there, but I didn’t know until you told me, thanks, Chris.

    Harvey D.
  • ravilcToday I can tell you my success story. The total amount of ‘Free Money’ I received with the help of your course is $59,330! My daughter got a total of $23,330 for her education, and I’ve received $36,000 sponsorship money my Mt. Everest expedition. Thank you very much Chris for your inspiration and guidance!

    Ravil C.
  • Fernald-Photo-grant-funding-expertUsing the resources that Chris’s books provide, we learned there was grant money available for many different things, including school tuition for college. Our daughter is now attending college and we were awarded a $15,336 grant, which brings our personal burden down to only $350 per quarter, yaaa! Thank you Chris!

    John and Marianna F.

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